Monday, January 9, 2012

Recap: Play4Serve x LockedDown x DailyGrindSessions

Here's a recap from Hip-Hop In Her (Monique)of what went down last Saturday at ESCOBAR-Cubao Expo !!!

Play4Serve: LockedDown X Daily Grind Session
"...the sheer energy and delight that erupted between artists and audiences is what completed the magic of the night..."

Photo Credits: Isi Laureano
For Play4Serve (production of Sandwich & Imago)

You never know what to expect at a LockedDown gig. Or let me rephrase: you can expect great camaraderie and music from all walks of life, but any other expectations are truly that of positive ambiguity. In other words, full of pleasant surprises.

That being said, the Play4Serve event at Escobar, CubaoX did not disappoint with its diverse lineup of artists and an appreciate, open-minded (and eared) crowd. Don't get me wrong, the initial reaction for those with rock preferences was to clear out whenever a hip hop artist came up. However, when they would hear something unlike the commercially known sound, I would see rockers bobbin' their heads and rejoining the action. That, my friends, feels really good to watch and experience in 2012. READ MORE